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Complaint Management for all business size

No matter what your business size is, ComplaintTracker is available in various editions to suit your business needs, starting from single user to unlimited users

Editions are bundled as per features so that you can choose the right edition for your business. The various editions available are Lite, Basic, Standard, Professional, Premium & Enterprise. We also have a custom option so that you can customize ComplaintTracker as per your requirement.

Choose the right edition for your business
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Basic Standard Professional Premium Enterprise
ideal for small Team

Rs.90 onwards
ideal for small business

Rs.140 onwards
advance features

Rs.190 onwards
advance features

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enterprise solution

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Minimum Users 1 3 5 10 10
Complaint Management
Customer Contacts
Brand Management
Quotation Basic Advance Advance Advance
Access Control
Service Executive Login
Track Time Basic Basic Advance
Employee Notification
Estimated vs Actual Cost
Excel Upload
Supports Volume Data
Bigger Notes
Spare Parts
Multi Assign
Customer Notification
Estimated vs Actual Hours
Universal Search
Excel Export
Financial Year
Call Slip
Installation Options
Thin Client
Multi PC (LAN)
Supports Private Cloud
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tailormade software

Custom Edition

Customize it & Personalize it

ComplaintTracker Custom edition gives you flexibility to customize any of the above edition as per your requirement. You can add new data fields, module, change process, work flow or reports as per your specific requirement.

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Lite Edition

free complaint management software

With ComplaintTracker Lite you can manage complaints in 3 easy steps Register Complaint, Assign it to service executive & Close it. Get complete overview of your complaints with easy reporting tool.