SalesTracker is simple ready to use sales lead management software to manage leads & its follow-up.

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Capturing lead information is essential to convert a potential customer into a buyer.

Lot of efforts are invested in generating leads, but due to irregular follow-ups chances are you might loose the deal. SalesTracker helps you manage entire lifecycle of lead right from inception to closure. You can also keep track of follow-ups along with the entire history of interaction done with customer, thus enabling you to make timely follow-ups so that you don’t miss any. SalesTracker has been designed keeping in mind the need of sales business, to help them organize & simplify sales process thus accelerating growth.

manage sales leads in 3 easy steps

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You may receive leads from various sources such as ads, websites, tradeshows etc. Tracking leads enable you to properly nurture them. You can capture lead details such as customer contact, products enquired, region, priority, source of lead etc. It also helps you to manage lead details centrally, so that it is easily accessible.
Managing lead information helps you to forecast your sales & revenue.
Most of the deals are lost to competitors due to irregular follow-ups. Proper management of follow-up information prevents leads, from going cold. SalesTracker enables you to record the current & next follow-up details. It also provides you the entire history of lead follow-up in a single glance.
Responding quickly to prospects increase the chances of winning the deal.
After series of follow-up the lead is moved to the final stage that is closure. Managing closure details enables you monitor and track overall sales performance. In SalesTracker you can track the status of lead i.e. won, lost or cancelled.
Tracking closure details lets you analyze leads converted into sales, deals lost to the competitor or cancelled.


contact management

Store multiple contacts details of customer.

lead source

Track leads received from various sources such as ads, website, cold call etc. Analyze best source that generates more leads.

follow-up reminder

Track every follow-up detail and get timely reminders, so that you never miss critical follow-up.


Tag region with leads to track the region that generates more sales.


Create multiple quotations for leads with user defined terms & taxes.

smart reports

The smart reporting utility enables you to sort, group, filter & aggregate data. The data can also be exported to excel.

excel upload

Upload your existing leads, customer, product from excel for quick start.

direct marketing

Send mail & sms to your prospects about offers & events.

document attachment

Attach documents exchanged with prospects such as quotation, proforma invoice, brochure, minutes of meeting.

MIS & dashboard

A graphical view of data for quick analysis & faster decision.

easy backup

safe guard your data with easy backup.

scalable solutions

upgrade to higher edition with more features as your business grows

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SalesTracker Lite is a free edition.

SalesTracker Lite is simple ready to use free sales crm for light usage to manage leads, follow-ups and closure.

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SalesTracker is available for free trial. You can download & install the trial version without registration.

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salestracker crm is affordably priced for all business size, the pricing is based on subscription model for both On-Premise & Online.

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SalesTracker is available on subscription for both on-premise & online license. It includes free version upgrade & support.

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managing leads in excel?
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Business starts off with managing leads in excel. Managing leads in excel has it own limitation.

  • Have to manage multiple copies of excel
  • Its tedious to collate data at Employee, Team & Organization level
  • Duplication of master data
  • Data is less secured
  • Lacks access control
  • Restricts concurrent user access

SalesTracker CRM will not only help you overcome all the above issues but also provides you some great features to organize and simplify your day to day sales activities