What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management which has set of applications to manage your relationship with customers. The primary application used for CRM can be categorized as Sales & Service. You can manage end to end interaction done with the customer at every stage right from receiving an enquiry, product sales to after sales service.

Sales CRM

  • Lead Management.
  • Follow-up.
  • Closure.
  • Sales Quotation.
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Service CRM

  • Service Contract.
  • Complaint Management.
  • Preventative Maintenance.
  • Service Quotation.
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Types of CRM software’s

There are different types of CRM software available in the market such On-Premise CRM, Cloud CRM. You can opt for any of the CRM software considering your budget and business needs. Each type has its own advantages & disadvantages.

On-Premise CRM

Cloud CRM

The On-premise software can be installed within your business premise. A well-designed On-Premise CRM can be much easier to manage, it requires basic IT infrastructure and can be managed with your existing hardware and software without incurring any additional infra cost.

Moreover, it is much more secured, as the data is hosted locally in your business premise, there are no forced version upgrades, you get complete control of your data and software.

Nowadays On-Premise software is also available on Subscription (SaaS) billing model instead of lump sum onetime payment. It does not need internet and it is much faster as the data is stored locally.

Cloud CRM is hosted on the public server. It works similar like most of the applications today e.g., Gmail, Facebook, Instagram etc.

The data, application and infrastructure are managed by the service provider or vendor. It can be easily accessed from any location via internet.

It works on subscription (Saas) billing model.

Why do you need CRM software?

Automate and simplify customer management to provide better customer service, grow business, increase productivity, improve client retention, track revenue, gauge performance of product, employee, region, marketing & more.

Myths about CRM

Useful for bigger enterprise only

This is a common myth about CRM that it is a huge application and needs more users, hence it can be used by big enterprises only.

There are many CRM solutions catering to any business size such as individual, start-ups, MSME’s, SME’s and large enterprise.

The minimal user requirement starts from 1 user.

CRM is Complex system

Conventionally CRM systems were very complicated, it took longer time for implementation typically 3 to 4 years.

But today, CRM applications have evolved over period of time, there are many out of the box solutions available which can be easily implemented and you can get productive from day one.

They are even simpler than managing data in excel or spreadsheets as the data is stored centrally.

CRM is Expensive

Traditional CRM systems were specifically designed keeping in mind the need of enterprise customers.

But today, it is available for every business size.

There are many affordable CRM vendors, who offer range of solutions at a reasonable price.

CRM is available only in Cloud

The new generation CRM gives you more flexibility to choose data storage options, it not only supports Cloud but also On-Premise.