What is Service CRM?

Service CRM is a software to manage after-sale service. You can manage customer complaints, service contracts, preventative maintenance, service schedule & more.

Why do you need Service CRM software?

To automate and streamline back office service management process so that the information is easily available at your fingertips.

Manage service contracts such as Warranty, AMC, Preventative Maintenance.

Easily track Customer Complaints & understand recurring issues to improve service quality.

Respond faster to service requests.

Get complete customer service details including history in a click of a button.

Track contract renewals on time.

Get alerts on expiring contracts.

Track pending services, to ensure all service calls are attended & never missed.

Analytical reports are easily available.

Realtime access of service data.

Centralized data storage.

Core Features you need in a Service CRM software

Complaint Management

Manage complaints received from different sources like email, telephone, website etc.

Contract Management

Manage any type of service contracts such as AMC, warranty, labour and more.

Service Assignment

Assign and re-assign Complaints / Service Calls to technician.

Schedule Service

Automated System generated services for AMC or Warranty contracts.

Complaint Status

Track status of complaint whether solved or pending.

Quotation Management

Create quotes for new contracts, service request, renewals, onetime calls.


Send service related sms & email to customer & service engineers.

Reporting & Analytics

Reports that give complete overview of service data and dashboard for quick analysis.

Still Managing service data in Excel?

Many organizations struggle to manage service data in spreadsheets as it is stored in a decentralized manner. Lot of time and effort is wasted in collating the service details, etc which is not readily available.

Managing service contracts & complaints in excel is difficult for the following reasons.

  1. Lacks accuracy of data due to duplication of entries & no validations.
  2. Generating simple analytical data in excel needs excel expertise as it involves complex formulas like VLOOKUP's, pivots etc.
  3. Real-time information is not readily available.
  4. Need to manage multiple copies of excel.
  5. Collating data from different spreadsheets for reporting and analysis is tedious and prone to errors.
  6. Lacks access control.
  7. Restricts concurrent user access.
  8. Lacks automatic backup and hence data recovery in case of system crash is difficult.
  9. Loss of productivity as lot of time and efforts are spent in collecting, collating, preparing and distributing reports.

Thus, a service CRM enables you to manage service details more efficiently and increase productivity.

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