Simplified Service CRM with comprehensive features
to quickly streamline & automate service management.

ServiceDesk is a simple service CRM to manage Service Complaints right from initiation to closure. Complaints can be managed for customers who are in service contract that is AMC, Warranty, or any support contract as well as one-time customers. Also, you can easily manage Service Contracts & its renewals. ServiceDesk has many essential features, some of the key features are listed below.


store unlimited complaints & contracts

no cap on data, store unlimited service complaints and contracts.

complaint management

manage complaints received from various sources such as email, telephone, website etc.

assign complaints / re-assign complaints

assign complaints to technician. You can also re-assign or transfer complaints to another technician.

complaint status

track status of complaint whether it is solved or pending along with reason.

service contract

manage different types of service contracts such as AMC, warranty, labour, or any support contract

multiple products

manage multiple products for contract.

service schedule

generate service for warranty and AMC contract.

contract renewal

get list of contracts due for renewal, also track complete trail of contract.


create quotation for contracts, service, renewals and one time call.

smart reports

smart reporting utility that lets you group, aggregate and filter data.

export to excel

export data to excel for further visualization and analysis.


at-a-glance view of overall service performance

mis reports

graphical view of data for quick analysis and decision making.


sms to service technician & customers.


email to service technician & customers.

excel upload

upload existing master data from excel to quickly start using the system.

data backup

safeguard your data with easy backup utility.

& more...

ServiceDesk CRM is flexible and offers several benefits...

For all business size

Supports users starting from single to unlimited users.


Get full control of your data. Store & manage data On-Premise & access it via lan or your private network.


Online option that enables you to store data on Spinso's cloud & access it from any location.


Customize the product as per your need. You can add modules, screen, workflows, reports etc.