SME software


Challenges face by SME
Scalable application
Today a SME might think of starting small , but would need a highly scalable application so that along with growing business they can upgrade their software for more features.
Scaling up and down
The need of the hour is to have a flexible software wherein you can scale up during the good market conditions and scale down the application /user during recession.
Simple to deploy and use
Today with new era some of the software are so complicated they need technical expertise on installing and implementing the same.
Our solutions are simple to implement.
Download, install and start using it.
Domain expertise
Unlike big corporate who have dedicated team of domain expertise to communicate with software vendor to explain, build, test & implement, SME cannot afford to spend money, time and resources for it.
Out of the box solutions
One can install the application and make use of the same from day one.
Free upgrades
Free version upgrades as per changing business needs. We here at Spinso have regular version release of the application with changing market dynamics. Hence you need not worry about your system turning into legacy.
Best practices
Our software are build by consulting business leader and domain expertise, hence you get the best practice that is used in the market.
Process driven application
Process play a very important role in the scaling up of any business, with automation you not only implement the best practice that is use in the industry but also are assured that best and consistent service is delivered to your customer.
Testing of products
Custom built application needs to be tested thoroughly as the customization is done for your business and there could be defect in the software , hence one (business) need to deploy a team to test the application before put that to operational use (production).
In a smaller team size it is very difficulty to ensure the product is well tested for all the business case.
Customization and upgrade with changing business needs
With custom build application one needs to constantly keep check if there are any new features or module needed and has to interact with the development team and get that implemented.