streamline and automate timesheet, expense & leave management

TimeTracker is a timesheet management software that lets you track time spent on various projects and activities. TimeTracker is designed simple and intuitive and has all the essential features to efficiently manage project time and increase productivity. With TimeTracker you can get overview of time and effort spent on each and every project and tasks, compare estimate vs actual project costs, approve timesheet, track & manage leaves, expenses and more. TimeTracker has many essential features, some of the key features are listed below.


store unlimited timesheet

no cap on data, store unlimited projects & timesheet details.

timesheet management

track work hours spent on projects and tasks with simple timescale interface that allows you to select time slot just at a finger click.

work type category

track work hours from macro to micro level, categorize work from project to sub-task.

expense management

manage project related expenses alongwith approval.

leave management

track leaves taken, manage leave authorization and holiday list.

document management system

attach project, task or expense related documents along with the timesheet.

smart reports

smart reporting utility that lets you group, aggregate and filter data.

export to excel

export data to excel for further visualization and analysis.

mis reports

graphical view of data for quick analysis and decision making.

approval workflow

approval workflow for timesheet, leaves and expenses.

monthly summary report

get monthly timesheet summary in a single glance.


maintain list of public holidays for accurate time tracking

data backup

safeguard your data with easy backup utility.

& more...

timetracker timesheet is flexible and offers several benefits...

For all business size

Supports users starting from single to unlimited users.


Get full control of your data. Store & manage data on-premise & access it via lan or your private network.


Online option that enables you to store data on spinso cloud & access it from any location.


Customize the product as per your need.You can add modules, screen, workflows, reports etc.