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Price in Rupees for Indian Customer
Code Name No of Users Price Yearly Price GST Total
SD-Pre-ON-10-INR ServiceDesk
Premium Edition
10 Rs. 790
per user per month
94,800 17,064
Rs. 111,864
SD-Pre-ON-11-INR ServiceDesk
Premium Edition
11 Rs. 790
per user per month
104,280 18,770
Rs. 123,050
SD-Pre-ON-12-INR ServiceDesk
Premium Edition
12 Rs. 790
per user per month
113,760 20,477
Rs. 134,237
SD-Pre-ON-13-INR ServiceDesk
Premium Edition
13 Rs. 790
per user per month
123,240 22,183
Rs. 145,423
SD-Pre-ON-14-INR ServiceDesk
Premium Edition
14 Rs. 790
per user per month
132,720 23,890
Rs. 156,610
SD-Pre-ON-15-INR ServiceDesk
Premium Edition
15 Rs. 790
per user per month
142,200 25,596
Rs. 167,796
15+ users contact us or mail us at
Payment details
Payment needs to be done to our HDFC Bank A/c
ServiceDesk Premium Trial Pack for Online
Pay a nominal fee to get 3 months Trial.
Free Support is available during trial period.
To avail trial pack mail us the following details at
Code : TRY-SD-Pre-ON-10-INR
Product : ServiceDesk
Edition : Premium
License Type : Online
No of users : 10
Subscription Period : 3 months
To know more contact us at
Tel No : +91.22.25826330

HDFC Bank details for payment more

Rs.  37,288.00

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